10 Disney Channel Stars Then And Now


Disney has been in our hearts and on our television screens since 1983. Originally called The Disney Channel, the name of the station was shortened to just Disney in 1997. The channel is owned by Disney Channel’s Television Group which is a part of the Disney Media Networks Division of the Walt Disney Company.

Since it’s inception, Disney has been a benchmark of innovation in the television space. From their endless, original movies and television shows, no other network can compete with the freshness that Disney Channel brings to the table. This is probably why so many children get their start as Disney Channel stars. So many legends got their start on the channel with the Mickey Mouse ears. A role on Disney is a coveted opportunity that most young actors and actresses will never receive.

The channel’s marketing tactics have changed over the years. They originally marketed towards families in the ‘80s but after that, they decided to take a turn and target younger children in the early 2000s. It must have worked because as of January 2016, Disney Channel has become available to about 93.9 million pay television households in the U.S. alone.

But what has happened to all of the Disney stars? With all that fame and visibility, what have they done? Has it been too much for them to handle or are they using their success to catapult larger careers? Well, we rounded up 10 Disney Channel Stars to tell you what is happening with them now! Stay tuned to see 10 Disney Channel Stars Then and Now!