10 Dinosaur Mysteries That Can't Be Solved


Through public school, popular movies and special documentaries on the Discovery channel, our knowledge of dinosaurs has come in a variety of forms and quality. Despite this, there is a general fascination among most people when it comes to these creatures that roamed the Earth tens and hundreds of millions of years ago. Of course, we have our favorites like the T-Rex, Velociraptor and Stegosaurus. Yet, beyond knowing that some ate meat while others ate plants, our understanding is pretty limited. For instance, not a lot of people know the Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus never existed at the same time. In fact they lived 80 million years apart which means we lived closer to the time of T-Rex than the Stegosaurus did.

Don’t feel bad about your limited knowledge when it comes to dinosaurs. After all, it turns out even the experts who have dedicated their lives to these ancient creatures have some pretty massive unanswered questions. From who was the biggest to who was the first, there are still no definitive answers and responses can change at any time once new fossils are discovered. And that whole asteroid-extinction thing? Even that does appear to be as clear cut as many once thought. Regardless, while you watch the clip ahead and see all the unanswered questions we still strive to figure out, keep in mind that Jurassic Park actually got it right (or close to it) on a few key issues.