10 Descendants Characters Reimagined In The Loud House


The might be rotten to the core, but we still adore them! The “Descendants” follow the story of the children of the greatest Disney villains and characters. We learn all about the lives and stories of Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. Today, we’ve done some magic of our own! We’ve reimagined 10 “Descendants” characters in the world of “The Loud House”! Check them out!

We’ve paired up Mal with Lucy Loud. The two definitely have a lot in common, and we can totally see moody Lucy taking on Mal’s fabulous purple-haired look. We’re pretty sure she’d take advantage of Mal’s spellbook, too! Wait until you see what Mal would look like reimagined as the gloomy Lucy Loud!

As Mal’s best friend, Evie is also one of the coolest in the group. We’ve paired her up with another cool character, Leni Loud. Leni’s iconic look is easily recognizable, and we can imagine Evie’s magic mirror will become magic sunglasses! And don’t forget about Evie’s amazing blue hair!

We think Jay and Lynn Loud make the perfect pair! If you have a big family, you know what it’s like to have a competitive sibling. These two are both sporty, and they both love to win. We’ve put Jay’s signature hat on Lynn, and she looks absolutely adorable! We’re pretty sure Jay would do just fine in “The Loud House” world.

Who’s your favorite character from the “Descendants”? Is it Mal, Evie, Carlos or Jay? Check out 10 “Descendants” characters reimagined in “The Loud House” and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.