10 DELETED Disney Princesses & Rejected Concepts


There are plenty of female characters from fiction and history that would be rejected as Disney princesses because they don’t fit the mold. They’re too “awesome, awful, or offbeat,” in the words of former DreamWorks Effects Animator, Jason Porath. In his art project blog “Rejected Princesses,” he imagined who would be the least suitable candidates to be turned into animated princesses. We’re introducing you to 10 of them.

Some of these are real women in history, like the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian, who is said to have committed atrocious acts to further her position. Or Khutulun, the best wrestler in the Mongol Empire. Or Shajar al-Durr, who became Sultan of Egypt. Someone else who accidentally rose to power is Hatshepsut, an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who knew how difficult it was to lead as a woman.

Others also highlighted the divide in society between men and women, like the Mexican Revolution colonel Petra Herrera, who disguised herself as a man to gain battlefield promotion. Mulan, eat your heart out. Vasilisa Vasilyevna also dressed as a man, but her story comes from a Russian folk tale rather than history. You’ll also learn why Penta the Handless Princess cut off her own hands in an Italian fairy tale, why Étaín transformed into various guises in Irish mythology, how civil engineering helped Princess Amaridevi, and what Snow White has in common with Anahit from an Armenian folktale.

Watch our video to discover 10 deleted Disney princesses and rejected concepts, and tell us in comments which female character you’re most intrigued by!

Porath, Rejected Princesses