10 DELETED Disney Princesses & Rejected Concepts


Have you ever wanted to learn more about ideas for Disney Princesses who would never fit in with the likes of Elsa and Belle? It turns out that there's a whole slew of strong and brave women who would just never be able to make the Disney cut. Make sure to watch our video to see our top 10 DELETED Disney Princesses & Rejected Concepts.

Ex-DreamWorks employee, Jason Porath, is actually the star behind these special rejected ladies. He is the creator of the website Rejected Princesses, which celebrates mythical and historical women who were just too awesome, awful or offbeat for the animated princess treatment. He has even published a book on the subject that has over 100 entries.

The story of Princess Petra is quite similar to everyone's favorite soldier Disney movie, "Mulan." Petra was known as the Soldadera Princess and she was a key player in the Mexican Revolution back in the 1900s. Frustrated with the lack of recognition that she received for her hard work in the army, Petra ended up quitting and started her own all-female brigade instead. Talk about girl power!

Do you think that Disney needs to expand on "The Little Mermaid" franchise? Maybe they can make a movie about Princess Iara, an Amazonian prodigy turned exiled mermaid. We hear that she used her charm and beautiful voice to enchant men to fall into her traps. Wouldn't you want to see an animated movie about that?

Want to know more about why Princess Petra, Princess Iara, Princess Kate, Princess Amaridevi and Princess Etain could never make the cut? Watch our video to find out and let us know in the comments below if we missed any other wannabe Disney Princesses. Thanks for watching!