10 Deadpool Stories That Show He Might Be A Villain


When Deadpool’s first movie debuted in 2016, not too many people thought the movie would work. Even with one of Hollywood’s Sexist People in the lead role. Ryan Reynolds had already played Wade Wilson once, to awful review in Wolverine: X-Men Origins and flopped again as the Green Lantern. Also, do people want to see movies where a supposed good guy is doing typical bad guy stuff like skewering henchman on samurai swords?

Too many people, Deadpool trends closer to a villain than a superhero, and the Merc with a Mouth probably like it that way. We decided to dig into the controversial characters history and find out which of Deadpool’s stories made him look the worst.

We found more than a few.

From his first story ever, Deadpool is painted as a bad guy. No blurred lines at all. He arrives with an assassin mission of a popular hero. It only goes downhill from there.

Various mini-series have found Wade Wilson going on killing sprees of his comic book world, and beyond. He’s attacked history's greatest fictional characters, hunting down Tom Sawyer and Moby Dick alike. He’s also battled every single one of the past, and deceased presidents of the United States after their ghosts come back to make America great.

He didn’t stop there, he’s also attacked every member of the Marvel universe. He’s been a zombie and an X-Men, and hated both, vowing to take them all out.

He’s also waged war against vegetarians, but saved his bloodiest battle when he fought almost every version of himself.

Is he a true villain, or just playing on the funny pages. Check out video and find out. Be sure to share and Like when you’re done.