10 Most Dangerous Snipers In The World


For as long as humans have recorded history, there have been stories of war and people killing each other. It really does seem to be the one constant in human history. Over the last several centuries, every nation has developed improved weapons and better training in order to get an advantage on the battlefield. Missiles, tanks, artillery, machine guns and planes – all examples of new tools of warfare. However, since the first firearms were introduced, leaders found that certain soldiers were incredibly good shots – much better than the rest of the soldiers. These men could hit targets further away and with greater accuracy. Instead of putting these crack shots into regular military formations they were sent out to hunt the enemy, kill his leaders and sow panic behind their lines. The modern sniper was born.

Over the last 100 years, the sniper has constantly seen their position enhanced. New rifles, scopes and training mean these one-man armies have racked up some insane kill counts. Not only that, but some have been officially recorded as hitting their targets at ranges of over two kilometers – or well over a mile away. Often spending hours stealthily moving to their target area, snipers have been known to sit motionless for days as they wait to get the perfect shot. The 10 snipers mentioned in this video fall into what could be called the ‘elite’ category. They’ve killed hundreds of enemy soldiers, made impossible shots and undertaken movie-like missions. They come from a range of countries and scored their kills over a variety of wars. Whether male or female, all became legends to their militaries and feared ghosts to their enemies.