10 Dark Theories About The Home Alone Movies


1990's Home Alone - and indeed its 1992 sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - are two of the most iconic, memorable and hilarious Christmas movies of all time (the subsequent sequels not so much!). People still talk about them to this day - especially during the festive period - and many fans of the movies have come up with theories about them, which can be found scattered around the web. We've gone looking for some of the best (and darkest) that we could find and gathered them here. Those theories include; that Peter McCallister is a mob boss, that Frank McCallister was responsible for all the events that led to Kevin being left behind (and might have wanted him dead), that Kevin McCallister grew up to be the Jigsaw killer from the Saw series of movies, that Old Man Marley's hand wound may have hidden a magical secret and been incredibly important, that John Candy's Gus Polinski ("The Polka King of the Midwest") might actually have been the devil himself, that Harry and Marv AKA the Wet/Sticky Bandits were actually Christmas spirits, that Peter McCallister was secretly training secret agents, that the McCallister family were actually a cult, that Old Man Marley was actually Kevin McCallister from the future and that the Mr. Duncan and the Pigeon Lady might have been in a relationship previously (but split for an upsetting reason). We hope you enjoy it and make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts about the theories!