10 Dark Secrets In Mulan Disney Doesn't Want You To Know


Don’t you just love Disney films? So do we. But did you know that Disney takes a lot of their stories from other places? So the real story behind the films is often quite different from what we see on our television screens. Here are 10 Dark Secrets in Mulan Disney Doesn’t Want You to Know. In one of the versions of the story, Mulan comes home to a very bleak scene. She has been gone for years and years and when she finally comes home she finds out that her father has passed away. And to make matters worse, her mother has also remarried. Her family is completely different from how it was when she left. Talk about a horrible homecoming.

From the real story to Mulan’s siblings, there are a lot of things that you don’t know about the film. Stay tuned to 10 Dark Secrets in Mulan Disney Doesn’t Want You To Know to find out what Disney flat out lied about.