10 Dark Secrets Britain's Got Talent Doesn't Want You To Know


On the surface, the popular program Britain’s Got Talent looks just like the talent shows most of us experienced at school. However, you’d be surprised by the amount of crazy controversies that the producers try to keep quiet. We’ll let you in on some of the dark secrets behind this show, that most people don’t know about. Recently, a sketch involving Ant McPartlin driving a car got dropped from the show, and we’ll tell you the disturbing reason why. If you were impressed by Father Ray Kelly and his musical performance, you might not be after you learn about his past. We love seeing acts with dogs, but we’ll tell you about some cheating involving a stunt dog, and the time that the RSPCA had to be notified on the show. Simon Cowell loves to argue, and he’s stood up for the controversial fact that children are allowed to compete on the show. Tell us what you think of these startling secrets in the comment section.