10 Daily Little Things You've Been Doing Wrong


Sure, we all know about how we’ve been eating bananas the wrong way our entire lives, but what about other daily little things? How many seemingly ordinary aspects of your daily life have you been getting wrong all this time? We’re talking basics here- things like tying your shoes, washing your laundry, or even reading, may have been hiding the truth from you since childhood. We waste so much time repeating the same mundane little mistakes all day, every day, and we don’t even realize it. These little time wasters can really add up! If you think about it, if you spend just 5 seconds every day having to re-tie your shoes, that could amount to 30 minutes a year. That works out to 40 hours in the course of a lifetime! That’s almost two whole days of your life lost just because you’ve been tying your shoes wrong this whole time. Or what about spending an extra half hour peeling potatoes or trying to clean those hard to reach places in your kitchen utensils? Before you know it, you’ve spent weeks of your life fixing the tiny mundane problems that you could have been doing right all along. In this video, we explore the secret world of these daily little things that we’ve all been doing wrong, and try to shed some light on ways for people to save not just time, but potentially their wallets as well!