10 Cute Tech Gadgets All Girls Should Know About


Technology used to be pretty boring and basic, consisting of mostly black and chrome finishes, and gadgets. Luckily, as the years go by, people are finally starting to use their imagination and add some fun to tech gadgets! There are more female friendly gadgets on the market than ever before, and if you are a girl who likes functionality as well as charm, then these are the gadgets for you! From selfie sticks that actually have personality, to adorable portable speakers, these are 10 cute tech gadgets all girls should know about!

If you have a Starbucks addiction that you can’t seem to shake, than these portable USB chargers are just for you. Give your phone the “wake me up” it needs with a Starbucks Frappuccino inspired portable charger. If the frap isn’t your Starbucks drink of choice, you can also choose from a plain white cup of coffee, or the double shot espresso can. So now you can give yourself and your phone a Starbucks boost, at the same time! We call that getting 2 birds with 1 stone!

The best way to jam out on the go has to be portable speakers. They come with either blue tooth capabilities or you can plug them in the earphone jacks of your wireless phone! There are several mini speakers that are easy to carry around like this mushroom inspired speaker, or this nail polish bottle. If you want something a little bigger than these Zoo-Tunes compact portable Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of choices! Last but not least we have the super chic geometric portable speaker by Yanko Design. Not only does it look amazing, but it has great sound quality too!

Selfie sticks have been around for a while now, but they get pretty boring. Since taking a selfie is a form of self-expression, why not add some personality to it? There are now a variety of different themed selfie sticks on the market! There is one for Starbucks lovers, Air Jordan fanatics, and even Pokémon players! And, for the ultimate girly girl, there is a Barbie mirror selfie stick, so you have 2 places to check out how good you look!

Now they may not seem high tech, but these nail gadgets have come a long way! You can now take off your pesky gel nail polish with easy using these soak off nail clips. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball with acetone and place it on your fingernails, then add the clip! After 10 minutes the gel nails will come off much easier and with less damage. If you are into doing your own nails, there is a cute new gadget that is here to help. The Tweexy makes it easier to do your nails because you can now hold the nail polish bottle in place on your hand! When you are done with your self-manicure, be sure to use this adorable monkey nail dryer!

The wearable technology world is becoming more girl friendly by the day. With companies investing in targeting women and teens, there is more of a selection on the market! One company in Seattle decided to make a smart jewelry line for teens that they think could be the new Snapchat. The “smart bracelet” can be customized and designed by you, and it features secret light messages you can share with friends. But, if you are looking for a little more grown up smart jewelry option, check out the gorgeous activity tracker line by Ringly!