10 Creatures That People Actually Thought Were FAKE


Our planet is teeming with life. From single-celled organisms to gargantuan blue whales earth has nearly every imaginable form of the creature just waiting to be discovered. With the availability of the internet and other modern technology, we often take for granted just how much of our planet and it’s species were once left undiscovered. Until relatively recently many of today’s commonly known animals were written off as myths and legends. Land and sea animals have both fallen under the broad umbrella of species once thought fake. The giant squid which captures imaginations around the globe was once thought to be a mythical creature while it was still undiscovered. Ubiquitous and beloved sea creatures were once confused for mermaids before information and education were readily available to the average person. Strange stories of bizarre creatures seen in far away lands were often laughed off as tall tales or mistaken sightings. There are still tales of animals that many don’t believe to be real. Cryptozoologists around the world search for evidence of their precious and elusive subjects. Will we one day discover that one or more of these laughable beings are real? Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, Mothman, which of these will be the next previously undiscovered species to be found and widely accepted? Will you fall on the side of the skeptics or risk being made a fool by readily accepting an outlandish discovery? Watch this video to help you decide which side of history you’ll be on.