10 CREATIVE Ways You Can Cheat On a Test


Nothing beats studying hard and getting a great grade on your own merits, but we can’t help but marvel at these 10 creative ways you can cheat on a test. Cheaters never prosper, but they sure do come up with some clever ways to cheat on exams. We would never recommend you actually carry out any of these exam cheat methods. But we can admire the skill of those that come up with creative ways to cheat in exams, from low-tech options like using band-aids and throat lozenge wrappers to high-tech methods like spy earpieces and hidden smartphones.

There are lots of creative ways to cheat if you want to use hidden notes in an exam. Use the things you’re allowed to take into the exam room to help hide your cheat sheets. Chances are you’ll be allowed to bring a bottle of water with you. Get your image-editing software skills up to scratch beforehand, as you’ll want to tamper with the label to create a well-disguised cheat sheet. Or how about using a mechanical pencil and narrow strips of paper? And then there’s the classic rubber band. All you need is a big book and tiny writing to create a cheat sheet you can wear around your wrist.

Pretending to be ill has a couple of benefits. And no, we’re not talking about trying to get out of the exam entirely by faking an illness mid-way though. Fake a cough and you might just be allowed to take a packet of throat lozenges in with you. Be prepared to take advantage of this scenario by having already written notes in tiny handwriting on the inside of the wrappers. As you unwrap each lozenge at believable intervals, quickly scan your notes before destroying the evidence. There’s also the band-aid cheat, which involves ketchup and small handwritten notes.

A calculator isn’t just for doing math, you know. It can also be used to write notes on in lead pencil. They’ll only be really obvious when you hold them at a certain angle to the light. But there’s one crucial tip you’ll learn in our video that helps decrease the chance of the examiner seeing the writing too. Calculators can also be used for high-tech cheating too. Like hollowing out the inside to hide a smartphone inside. And if you want to go to the next level, a spy earpiece is the latest way to cheat like a tech genius.

Discover 10 creative ways you can cheat on a test in our video, and let us know in comments which one you think is the cleverest method. Just remember, don’t try any of these yourself!