10 Crazy Features In President Trump's House


President Trump is used to living a life of luxury with gold plated things and sparkly stuff. In fact, he might even see moving into the White House as a downgrade from his accommodations at Trump Tower in New York City. But there are special features of the White House that Trump Tower wouldn’t likely possess, and that mainly includes security protocol along with wide open spaces. Sure, tax dollars could be spent to give Trump Tower the same features, but the American people wouldn’t be a fan. Plus, the White House was constructed specifically for the president so he can eat, sleep, and work all in one place. Previous presidents have called the White House a prison of sorts since they don’t go outside on a regular basis unless they have business meetings or scheduled outings. Because the President’s safety is always a major concern, the President can’t really just do whatever he wants. Secret service has to be scheduled, rooms have to be booked, the whole shebang.

The White House may look simple from the outside, but there is a well-oiled machine on the inside that is constantly working around the clock. The things that happen inside the White House are features you won’t find anywhere else. President Trump has pretty much signed a 4-year lease on his house, and who knows, he might even take some of those features with him once his term is over! If anything, he’ll probably want to take the security system with him!