10 Crazy Deaths Caused by Social Media Posts


Social media has given us a way to connect with our friends, coworkers, and family. But it has also become a catalyst for some of the craziest deaths we have seen in this millennium. Here are 10 crazy deaths caused by social media.

Social media has become one of the most influential innovations that have ever been created. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, just to name a few, our society has been greatly impacted by social media. It has given us all a new way to interact and connect with one another without having to write letters or even pick up the phone and make a call. Social media has both positive sides and really negative sides. When someone posts a status that upsets someone else, we can either unfriend them, voice our concern, or just keep our mouth shut.

However, social media has started to take over our lives, and there are those who completely depend on the outlet for their livelihood. We’re not talking about making money, but these people will obsess over others like ex’s and former friends and will go absolutely nuts if something goes awry. Sometimes someone will go nuts to a certain level where it will go beyond just some angry comments. But instead they will take action on their warnings and actually take a life. Then, we go back lamenting on how the warning signs were there, but no one did anything to protect the dead.

Here are ten of the craziest deaths that have been caused by social media. From gruesome murders to obsessing over someone to the point where they have to be dead to angry ex’s going after their former lover’s new girlfriend, these stories are enough to make anyone want to shut down their computer and experience real life.