10 Craziest Things The RICH KIDS Of YouTube Spend Their Money On


Most YouTube stars are quite young, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t raking in some serious money. What do you spend your money on when youre worth over a million dollars? Well, YouTubers can find some pretty crazy things. That’s why we have created this list of 10 Outrageous Ways the Rich Kids of YouTube Spend Their Money!

First off, cars, cars, and more cars. YouTubers love their fancy wheels. Just look at CaptainSparklez. He purchased a car so expensive and so lavish that you have to be approved to even buy it. Which car, you ask? You guessed it, the Ford GT. Can you imagine what the price tag is for a car that has such an exclusive list of owners?

YouTubers also love spending their money on expensive props. Got a boring video, throw a jet plane in it, and make it look cool in a second. At least, that’s the motto of some YouTube stars. They will spend ridiculous amounts of money to make their videos the best that they can be.

Famous video makers like Jake Paul have even been known to fly around in a helicopter for an afternoon of fun. But when you have no budget, we guess the sky is literally the limit.

For more of the crazy ways that YouTube stars like Logan Paul, CaptainSparklez, and Tanner Fox are spending their dough, make sure you stay tuned to 10 Outrageous Ways the Rich Kids of YouTube Spend Their Money. You won’t believe what ridiculous item Jake Paul rented just for a prank!