10 CRAZIEST Things People Have Done On Airplanes


In addition to getting you where you need to go as quickly as possible, airplanes are a great place to do some quality people watching. Of course, we all have our minor annoyances when it comes to our fellow passengers. Seeing someone clipping their fingernails on a plane, or change their baby’s diaper at their seat may make us feel a bit airsick, but that is nothing compared to the people on this list. Flight delays are infuriating and inconvenient, but sometimes it’s not the airline’s fault and instead rests on the shoulders of our fellow passengers. Like the various people who thought that the “emergency slide” was really the “slightly inconvenienced” slide, and activated it just to get off the plane faster. There’s also the woman who didn’t want to wait for the slide, or for the plane to come to a complete stop before she just opened up the emergency exit door and leapt out onto the runway. When alcohol is added to the mix, some passengers get out of control rather quickly. One man got so out of control that it took a massive amount of duct tape and zip ties in order to subdue him until landing. Another woman and her boyfriend lashed out at a flight attendant and ended up burning her with hot water from a cup of instant noodles. While all of these incidents happened inside the cabin of the plane, we will also include the tale of a teenage stowaway who made an incredible journey.