10 Craziest Prison Escapes You Won't Believe


Being imprisoned is a nightmare for most people, and some would do anything to escape their time in prison. Oh, and we do mean absolutely everything. In this video, we’ll tell you about some truly crazy escapes that you won’t believe people managed to pull off. One man named Pascal Payet actually set a world record for most planned helicopter escapes from prison, which we didn’t even know was a category! The stories of some prisoners, like the members of the infamous Texas Seven, have even made it onto the big screen as moviegoers marveled at how they got out. Alcatraz is supposed to be impossible to escape from, but three men worked together to make their escape. We won’t spoil their plan for you, but let’s just say it involved no small amount of paper mache! John Dillinger made a prison escape that was humiliating for prison officials, and he even topped it off by stealing the sheriff’s car for a getaway vehicle. Sometimes, you need a little help from the outside to make an escape, like Vassilis Palaiokostas, who had his friends pick him up in a helicopter, not once, but twice. Then there’s Jay Sigler, who got out with a little help from his friends, and his mom! Some men, like Charles Thompson, made escaping prison look easy by simply walking right out of the building. Others, like Antonio Ferrara, go out with guns blazing in an epic standoff with prison officials.