10 Craziest Prison Escapes Of All Time


If there is one place that we all don’t want to end up, that is prison. But if we break the law, it is simply something that may have to happen in order to repay our time to the government for our wrongdoing. Sometimes people can commit a crime that is so heinous that it results in spending the rest of our lives in prison, including the possibility of the death penalty. It can be collectively agreed upon that every prisoner has considered an elaborate escape plan while serving their time. If an inmate has a short sentence to serve, then maybe an escape plan isn’t in the books and serving quietly results in an early release. However, some of the most notorious criminals that ended up in prison are mean, tough, and try to take advantage of the weaker prisoners at whatever chance they get. Besides being locked up, the social life in prison alone is enough to make someone want to break out.

In this video are ten of the craziest prison escapes of all time. From pretending to be a guard to putting on one of the most elaborate escape plans the world would ever know, the prisoners here should be commended for their creativity and ability to use the simplest of tools to get themselves out of prison. Granted, it should be taken into account that some of these people didn’t enjoy their newfound freedom for very long before getting caught. But they tasted freedom for a moment!