10 Coolest Teachers You Wish You Had


An awesome teacher can leave a lasting impression on their students. Every teacher is unique, but when an educator goes above and beyond to inspire, encourage, instill a love of learning, and make their students laugh until they can hardly breathe, they deserve some recognition. Here are some of the coolest teachers you wish you had.

A student showed up to class with her baby because she couldn’t afford to leave the child with a sitter. Instead of turning the student and the baby away, this teacher welcomed them both into the classroom. Later on, the baby became upset and started to cry, so the teacher took matters into his own hands. He strapped the baby to his chest and continued on with his lecture. The mother was able to focus on learning, and the child received an awesome babysitter for the day. Pretty cool, right?

Can you imagine walking into class and seeing your teacher dressed up as a rockstar? These students received a private performance from their teacher who went all out with the rocker theme, complete with a cutoff tee, leggings, a bandana around his head, and a guitar. We’re not sure which songs he serenaded these lucky students with, but we’re pretty sure his performance was memorable.

Every day, this teacher arrives to class early to leave his students a visual masterpiece on the chalkboard. It’s always a different work of art, and sometimes, he’ll even include an insightful message. On this particular day, the teacher drew a bear along with the caption, “Bears eat 100% less happy people than sad people. Don’t get eaten, be happy.” We’re sure this message put a big smile on all of his students’ faces.

Homework is probably the most dreaded part of school. Students get swamped with so many assignments, and it can definitely become overwhelming. But this teacher took a different approach to homework that his students truly loved. Instead of assigning essays or projects, he gave his class six homework options, ranging from mastering Kung Fu to wearing a fake mustache for 24 hours. We’re not sure how this fits into his curriculum, but it sure is hilarious. Wouldn’t you love to have a teacher like this?

The days of selling candy for a school fundraiser are long gone. This principal really wanted to find a way to encourage students to donate $1 to his fundraising efforts, so he decided to sell them a piece of tape. The students were then allowed to stick the principal to the wall using their strip. Judging by this picture, it looks like his fundraiser was definitely a success!

Which of these teachers do you wish you had?