10 Coolest Grandparents Your Friends Want To Hang Out With


Our grandparents are people that we frequently take for granted. Which is a shame, because they do so much for us. They’re always there with a warm hug, and an even warmer tray of freshly baked cookies. While we appreciate their roles in our lives, most of them aren’t exactly what we would consider cool. But in this video we’ll show you 10 of the coolest grandparents that are so awesome, even your friends will want to hang out with them. There’s Pauline Kana, better known as Granny Smith, who has a handsome grandson and more Facebook likes than you’ll ever get in your lifetime. Speaking of grannies on social media, check out Baddie Winkle, who shows that you are never too old to have fun with your personal sense of style. However, teacher turned model Irvin Randle could probably give her a run for her money in the fashion department. Oh, and if you want a grandmother who runs, we have you covered with our section on Harriet Thompson, the oldest marathon runner. Andreas Cahling and Ernestine Shepherd are both as muscular as they are elderly, and they don’t let a little thing like age hold them back from their fitness goals. Mount Everest is hard enough to climb once, but Yuichiro Miura managed to climb it three times, and all of them were when he was old enough to qualify for a senior discount at the movie theater. If staying inside and checking out some fashion shows are more your thing, you may see Wang Deshun, Liu Qianping, or Ding Bingcai modeling some of the latest fashions.