10 Cool New Technologies You Didn't Know Existed


Amazing innovations in technology are being made so fast, that it’s difficult to keep up at times! In this video, we’ll show you 10 cool new technologies that you didn’t know existed. Prepare to be overwhelmed, and add a few things to your Amazon wishlist. 3D printing is already pretty awesome, but imagine a printer capable of printing a building. And that’s not all that we can print now. Called 4D printing, one NASA engineer is working on making metal fabrics that can be used in space. Imagine astronauts being able to print their own supplies while in space! Don’t worry, we have plenty of exciting things for us stuck on earth. Like the first waterproof, flexible phone. Not having to worry about getting our phones wet or about damaging the screen, now that’s what we call progress! But if you are ready for liftoff, check out the Lilium, the jet that can make a vertical landing or takeoff. If you love hearing the bass of your favorite music, the basslet could just be the thing to save your precious eardrums while giving you a musical experience like no other. Memphis Meats is working on making artificial meats that actually taste like meat, and you don’t find any soy, legumes, or fungus in these burgers! If you’re looking to automate tasks around the home, you can’t go wrong with the mobile helper Aido, or the robot bartender, Monsieur. Let one mix you the perfect cocktail while the other projects your favorite movie for you.