10 Cool Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself At Home


Looking for some fun DIY toys you can easily make with your family or by yourself? You won’t believe how easy it is to make these 10 kids toys that aren’t only practical, but very very cool! And the best part? You won’t find these toys in any store!

We love the multi-function of this simple to make kids toy. All you have to do is collect a few empty toilet rolls, find a cardboard base, some tape, paint, glue, and some decoration. Make holes in the toilet rolls and connect them by half of a toilet roll - use tape to keep them together. Continue the process until you have a cool looking marble slide tower and stick it to a cardboard base. Take this to the next level - use tape to stick the paper rolls to the wall and find new ways and angles for the marble to make its way through the tunnels!

Have you ever thought of making flour stress balls? This toy is a popular hit with kids that just can’t keep their hands still. All you’ll need is party balloons, flour, a funnel, and scissors. Simply stretch the balloon, attach it to the funnel, and fill it up with flour. Then stretch the second balloon over the first one to avoid a flour disaster. Draw a silly face on the balloon and voila! You just made a stress ball your child can play with!