10 Common Animals That Look Out Of This World


Did you know that there are over 50 million animal species in the world and over 10,000 new species are discovered every year? You wouldn’t believe how awesome some of them look!

The Mexican salamander, also known under its official name as the Axolotl. This walking fish definitely deserves the title of one of the coolest ocean species. Their name, which roughly translates into ‘water dog’, originates from Aztec god mythology. As their name suggests, they can be commonly found in Mexican lakes. Mexican salamander are typically brown and come with four furry gills on each side. You can also find completely white salamanders in zoos and laboratories.

They don’t really have any teeth, but they still swallow worms, molluscs, and even small fish! Doesn’t it look like just a Pokemon?!

Have you ever heard of Blobfish? Forget that it was actually named one of the world’s ugliest animals - its unique features made it to our list! A blobfish can be found in the deep waters of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Despite its odd slimy look, this creature is actually completely harmless. They grow to about 12 inches and it pretty much leads a quiet life in the bottom of the ocean and survives by floating around, lazily swallowing smaller fish. Does it even know about its reputation on land?