10 Child Stars Who Hate Hollywood Today


It’s not an easy task to become a child star. So when it happens, it’s something truly special. But many times, these kids are thrust into the spotlight without having a say so. Because of this, they end up rebelling against their fame and running away from their careers. These are 10 child stars who hate Hollywood today.

He made headlines for the best makeover in 2017, but in the 90’s Macaulay Culkin was a Hollywood “It” boy. He was the first kid actor to demand a $1 million payday for a single role, and it proved to be worth it. But, over the years, the actor has all but disappeared from the big screen, and we will tell you why in the video.

It may be surprising, but Selena Gomez is another star who could do without everything that comes with being a celebrity. After years of performing she still gets anxiety before she goes on stage. And, if you follow the singer on Instagram, you may notice that she isn’t as present as she used to be. Watch the video to see why!

Another 90’s child star that hates Hollywood is Ariel Winter. In fact, if she had it her way, she would have probably never become an actress in the first place. Her dream is to become a lawyer, and her career in Hollywood might be on the line while she works on her law degree!

Check out the video for these stories and even more including Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Mara Wilson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and much more! Don’t forget to comment on the video in the section below!