10 Celebs Whose Real Name Will Surprise You


It’s so fascinating to learn which celebs changed their names and why. Their real names will surprise you, and their reasons for making the switch are pretty amazing, too. Take Katy Perry, for instance, who changed her surname because she thought it made her sound too much like a movie star who was already very famous. Can you guess who?

Some famous people come up with totally new names for themselves. Like Portia de Rossi, who had a very literary and cultural inspiration for her entirely different moniker. It’s so far from her real name that you’ll be totally surprised when you compare the two. Calvin Harris’ stage name is also a complete departure from his birth name. His reason for changing his name will shock you.

There are certain celebs whose names are given to them by other people, like Gigi Hadid. Find out why her mom called her that, and what her actual name is. As for Lady Gaga, there’s some controversy over exactly who came up with what part of her stage name, and there are a couple of intriguing explanations as to how the name came about. And the story behind Vin Diesel’s nickname is pretty funny.

A lot of celebrities bypass their first names and use their middle names instead. You’ll discover what Rihanna, Lucy Hale, and Drake’s real full names are, and why and when they chose to use their middle names rather than their first names.