10 Celebs Who went from trash to class


Just like us, celebrities age like fine wine. Okay, maybe they do it a little better than us, but that doesn’t mean they are immune from having embarrassing fashion mishaps like us. From a Hollywood hunk with humble beginnings to a rock star’s daughter turned fashion guru, these are ten celebs who went from TRASH to CLASS.

If you aren’t a fan of teen dramas or “Parks and Recreation” you may think that Chris Pratt became Hollywood’s new leading man out of nowhere. That also means you missed the incredible transformation from slob on and off the screen into a virtual real life action hero. Now that he has the bod, Pratt has the style to go with it.

When you think about Kim Kardashian, you probably think about how incredible her fashion sense is. Well, that wasn’t always the case for the reality star. In fact, her style was so bad that people refer to her as Pre-Kanye Kim and Post-Kanye Kim. That is because, thanks to her husband, Kim K will never walk out of the house looking anything less than fierce these days.

There’s a pretty good chance you know Kelly Osbourne as a commentator on E! Network’s canceled show “Fashion Police.” If you were a fan of Osbourne in the early 2000s, then you already know that seeing her as a fashion guru is completely shocking. Watch the video to see why!

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