10 Celebs Who Went From Trash to Class


Since celebrities spend most of their time in the public eye, their fans get the chance to watch them grow up, evolve, and completely transform their appearance. This list of celebrities started their careers looking a bit disheveled, but as time passed by, they’ve been able to completely revamp their style. Here are a few celebs who went from trash to class.

When Lady Gaga crashed the airwaves with songs like “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance,” many people were drawn to her eccentric fashion and her wacky hairstyles. But over the years, Gaga has ditched the meat-covered dresses and sky-high monster boots for a more sophisticated look. We’re absolutely loving her new sleek hair, her toned down makeup, and her elegant designer gowns. She looks like a completely different person, and we’re totally digging it!

Justin Timberlake’s transformation has a lot to do with him growing up and embracing a more grown up style. Back in his NSYNC days, he was all about the frosted tips in his hair, baggy pants and dark and bushy eyebrows. Thank goodness he grew out of it, because we think he looks ten times better! He has dramatically changed his entire appearance, as well as his wardrobe. Nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to spot him out and about without seeing him in a tailored suit and perfectly groomed hair.

When Nicki Minaj first stepped out on the music scene, the “Super Bass” rapper was all about wild costumes in clashing colors, over-the-top makeup, and a variety of colorful hairstyles. Now that she has revamped her look, we’re shocked to see just how beautiful she is underneath all the makeup and crazy outfits. When Nicki steps foot on the red carpet, she’s usually wearing a jaw-dropping luxury gown, her hair is a more natural color, and her makeup really brings out her gorgeous face.

No one can wear a cupcake bra quite like Katy Perry, but the singer has chosen to tone down her look in recent years. She hasn’t completely ditched the young and flirty costumes she loves to wear on stage, but she has slowly changed her style to reflect a new phase in her life. She’s now more comfortable wearing outfits that are classy and elegant. And her new polished appearance lands her on every website’s best-dressed list.

Which of these celebs do you think had the most drastic transformation?