10 Celebs Who Went From Cute To Puke


Admit it, you've definitely wondered what it would be like to be a rich and famous celebrity. With their seemingly unlimited bank accounts and luxurious lifestyles, it's easy to see why fame is so coveted. It seems like celebrities don't really have the same stresses and worries as us, right? While they might not have to worry about working a minimum wage job that they hate, their lives aren't as easy as we all think. Would you really want the world to know about every mistake you've ever made in your life? If you want to learn more about celebrities who don’t have it so easy, check out our video about 10 Celebs Who Went From Cute To Puke.

After Miley Cyrus left the Disney Channel for the real world, she didn't really have the best transition into adulthood. While she appreciated the opportunity that she had on "Hannah Montana," she missed out completely on her teenage years. She began to rebel by wearing wacky outfits, twerking onstage, and being everything opposite to what her good girl Disney persona was like. But you'll have to keep watching to see why Miley kept her pants on for her 2017 Billboard Music Awards performance.

Life was going pretty well for Shia LaBeouf while he was on set for the "Transformers" franchise. He was funny, charismatic, and all signs pointed to him having a long and successful career. But things started to go awry for him once he started drinking heavily. Check out our video to hear about the ways that Shia's struggle with addiction has negatively affected his once stellar career.

From Mariah Carey to Kanye West to the Kardashians, there are so many celebrities who haven't been on their best behavior lately. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see why Bella Thorne disliked being a Disney girl so much.