10 Celebs Who Treat Their Fans Like TRASH


Celebrities should be grateful that they have millions of people who adore them, but some celebs treat their fans like trash. Famous people who are mean to their fans don’t seem to appreciate the fact that these people got them to where they are. But that doesn’t stop these celebs from being rude to their fans. From refusing to sign autographs to mocking them on social media and even insulting them to their faces, we’ve found the worst celebrity interactions with fans.

It’s totally understandable that celebs want some privacy. But being rude to fans is just plain wrong. Especially when it involves little kids. You won’t believe the way Christian Bale treated a little girl who dared to approach him. And some famous people won’t even let you get near them in the first place. Or ask them for an autograph. Or allow any photographs. Celebs who have topped Autograph Collector magazine’s worst signer of the year list certainly know a thing or two about ignoring fans. And Tobey Maguire can count himself right up there. And if you want to give a celeb a gift, touch them or even get more than three seconds of their time, you probably shouldn’t go looking for Britney Spears.

Then there are the celebs that do interact with fans, but not necessarily always politely. Justin Bieber’s reported comments to a young female fan about looking like a “beached whale” are certainly not the kind of interaction adoring fans want to have with their idols. And some celebs take their mockery of fans online, and even do it so badly they get accused of cyberbullying. Rihanna’s comments on a fan’s prom outfit created an online storm of meanness about the 16-year-old’s fashion choice.

Of course, a lot of stars don’t talk badly about fans in public. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get accused of throwing shade behind closed doors. The insults Kim Kardashian allegedly threw around about her TV audience were far from complimentary. And the choice words Ariana Grande is reported to have used about her fans will really shock you. Sometimes the bad behavior of celebs toward their fans involves physical and not just verbal abuse. Shia LaBeouf’s alleged showdown with an upset fan’s boyfriend is seriously unnerving. And Lindsay Lohan’s rumored reactions to fans are also somewhat alarming.

Watch our video to discover the stories about 10 celebs who treat their fans badly, and let us know who you think is the worst!