10 Celebs Who Stopped Caring


Celebrities have a team of people to help guide them through their careers. They’re required to put their best foot forward, but if they do happen to slip up by getting arrested or sticking their foot in their mouth, their team is right there to clean up the mess. But sometimes, a celeb gets fed up with always trying to do the right thing, and not even the most skilled PR specialist can save them. Here are a few of the celebs who just stopped giving AF.

Previously known for her love ballads and her amazing high notes, Mariah Carey is now better known for her offstage antics. After her engagement to billionaire James Packer came to an end, Mariah wasted no time frolicking around town with her much younger boyfriend…all while still wearing James’ engagement ring. When she does grace us with her powerhouse vocals, her performances are usually a bit of a disaster, like her failed New Year’s Eve concert when she gracefully walked around the stage instead of singing to the crowd. When Mariah gets called out on not giving AF, she usually just shrugs her shoulders and walks away like a diva.

Kanye West has been going against the grain since he first made a splash on the music scene. Remember when he said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on national television? Or how about the time he crashed Taylor Swift’s MTV VMA speech to tell the world Beyoncé was more deserving? From ranting on Twitter and sparking online battles with other rappers, Kanye never ceases to amaze us. You’ve got to admit, the fact that he doesn’t give AF makes him that much more entertaining. You just never know what he’s going to do or say next.

Twerking, tongue wagging, freed nipples, and exposed butt cheeks are a few of the words used to describe Miley Cyrus. The Disney actress has kicked her good girl image to the curb. These days, she’s more concerned with being true to herself, and we definitely can’t fault her for that. Miley’s social media profiles look like a unicorn barfed glitter all over each and every photo. She’s just a big kid at heart, and playing by Hollywood’s rules is just not on her agenda.

We’ve seen Justin Bieber transform from the lovable kid with the swooped hairstyle and boyish charm, to a bad boy whose middle finger seems to be permanently stuck in an upright position. The pressures of the industry seem to be getting to him, and instead of going with the flow, he’s fighting back. From punching his own fans, to getting kicked out of the Mayan ruins for dropping his pants and exposing himself, the Biebs is on a rampage. He officially doesn’t give AF about maintaining his wholesome image.

Which of these celebrities do you admire for living life on their own terms?