10 Celebs Who Shot To Fame In The Weirdest Ways


Some celebrities work their butts off to become famous. They go on countless auditions and are turned down numerous times before they finally snag a gig that changes their lives forever. But other celebs get lucky, and fame falls right into their laps in the most peculiar ways. Here are a few celebs who shot to fame in the weirdest ways.

One day, Alex Lee was a cashier at Target and the next day, he was an Internet celebrity. After a teenage girl took a photo of him while he was working the register at the retail store, she shared the photo on Twitter, and the Internet went nuts. Target had to move Alex to the back of the store because so many teenage girls were on the hunt for him. Eventually, he quit his job at Target, and he’s received hundreds of marriage proposals, an appearance on the “Ellen Show,” and he’s now pursuing a music career.

Jeremy Meeks became an overnight celebrity in 2014 when the Stockton Police Department released his mugshot on their Facebook page. Thousands of women became mesmerized by his good looks and his dreamy blue eyes - despite him having a lengthy rap sheet. After doing two years in prison, Jeremy signed on with a modeling agency and has walked the runway for several big name designers during New York Fashion Week.

After leaving his job as a roofer, Channing Tatum worked as a stripper in Tampa, Florida. But he finally realized he wanted more for himself, and he decided to leave his hard-partying days behind and move to Miami. While walking down the streets of Miami, Tatum was discovered by a modeling scout, and soon thereafter, he appeared in numerous ads for Gap and Nautica. His modeling work then opened the door for his acting career, and he has since paid homage to his stripper days in the film, “Magic Mike.”

Jacob Sartorius was like many kids who post their lip-synching videos on But his animated facial expressions and his good looks turned him into an instant star. He now records his own music and has since released his debut single called “Sweatshirt.” Jacob has taken his success offline and is now traveling the country and performing live on his “The Last Text” music tour.

Were you shocked by any of these strange ways celebrities shot to fame?