10 Celebs Who Regret Rejecting Their Promposals


Kids are so honest they’ll just blurt out whatever’s on their mind. That can make for some seriously embarrassing moments for their parents. You’ll laugh so hard when you’ll hear how a three-year-old embarrassed his mom in the cereal aisle. And that’s just one of 10 cringeworthy ways kids have embarrassed their parents.

Children don’t always know what’s appropriate to say in public, and what they should keep to themselves. As a result, parents often go red-faced with embarrassment when their child says (usually very loudly) something inappropriate or offensive. Things like talking about women’s facial hair, or another shopper looking like a particular cartoon character that she would not have found flattering.

Kids also pick up on so many things that parents don’t even realize, like how much wine their mom likes to drink, or how their mom doesn’t like their next door neighbor, or how their mom’s best friend is at their house all of the time. These kids will then unleash this information at the most cringeworthy moment.

It can be totally adorable when a child mispronounces a word, or it can be totally awkward and weird, like when a little girl said placenta instead of polenta at school. The context of the conversation makes it seriously odd, and her teacher will no doubt have had wanted to talk with her parents after class.

Get ready to laugh your head off at 10 cringeworthy ways kids have embarrassed their parents in our video, and let us know in comments which story you found most amusing.