10 Celebs Who Quit Social Media


When it comes to social media, celebs are just like us. Though we don’t have to deal with Internet trolls and cyber bullying as much as they do, they can find that they are spending too much time online. Because of that, many celebs decide to go offline and live life in real time. Though they all have their different reasons, and some don’t leave for very long, these are 10 celebs that quit social media.

It’s not uncommon for a celebrity to deal with Internet trolls, but no one took it more personal that Justin Bieber. Though he hasn’t quit social media all together, the Biebs has been M.I.A. on Instagram since August of 2016. After repeatedly warning fans that he will make his Instagram private if they didn’t stop harassing his then girlfriend, Sophia Richie, he kept his promise and vanished completely. His Ex, Selena Gomez, might have been the tipping point that drove Bieber to deactivating his account. When he threatened his fans, Selena publically scolded him and told him to stop posting photos of his girlfriend if he didn’t want to receive any flack from fans. As of late 2016, there are no signs of Bieber returning to Instagram.

The Biebs isn’t the only one that is sick of being attacked online, many other celebrities have decided to take a step away from the negative impact social media has on them. Rapper Iggy Azalea decided twitter was not for her anymore after she had been body shamed by twitter users who saw photos of her in a bikini while on vacation in Hawaii. Azalea told fans that should be leaving twitter, and her management team would be taking over for her. She has posted every now and then, but as far as social media goes, Iggy likes to stick to Instagram to let her fans know what she is up to.

The quickest social media hiatus came from Demi Lovato in June 2016 when she decided to give up posting on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The singer received some hate from fans after she dissed Mariah Carey, and it became too much to bear. Lovato told fans she was going to rely on snapchat to communicate with fans because she didn’t want to see all the hurtful things people were saying. The leave didn’t last long; she was back on twitter the next day, and posting on Instagram 2 days later.

One celebrity that really shook things up when she deactivated her Instagram was Kendall Jenner. In November of 2016 Kendall shocked her fans when she deactivated her Instagram with no warning. With over 68 million fans at the time, she had everyone wondering what could have happened to make her leave. Jenner came back after a week away, and explained the reasoning behind her break on The Ellen DeGeneres show. Apparently the model had become too dependent on Instagram, checking it when she woke up and before she went to sleep, so she decided she needed a week to step away and detox herself from the app.

The one celebrity promised to stay offline in December of 2015, and has kept true to his words. Though Ed Sheeran’s accounts are still activated, they haven’t been touched since the singer swore to remain offline. He announced that he was taking a break from his phone, emails, and being online so that he would be more present and not see the world through a phone screen. Though he promised he would see fans again in the fall of 2016, he has yet to post anything on any of his social media accounts.