10 Celebs Who Need To Come Clean About Their Plastic Surgery Already!


After years of trying to keep up with industry standards, some stars have gone under the knife. But with plastic surgery becoming less and less taboo, why are there still stars who won’t admit to getting work done? From obvious boob jobs, to unrecognizable faces, these are 10 celebs who need to come clean about their plastic surgery!

Considering she has been in the spot light since she was 14, Taylor Swift has grown up right in front of us. Another thing that has seemed to grow is her bust line! The singer is known for her svelte figure, but when she was spotted looking extra perky in 2016, fans started questioning her. Friends close to Swift have been adamant on denying the singer has had breast implants. But her amazing cleavage tells another story!

Selena Gomez has complained about her baby face for years, and she may be taking matters into her own hands. The ex-Disney star is looking much different with her fuller lips, and a possible boob job. It appears Gomez may have injected fillers into her upper lip to get a poutier look. The singer didn’t stop there. In the summer of 2016 Gomez strolled around NYC without a bra on, and the rumors started flying! She looked like she had a pair of post operation breast implants, but she still hasn’t tackled rumors on the subject!

Another star who has grown up in front of the world is Kylie Jenner. She has literally transformed from an “ugly duckling” to one of the most beautiful women in the world. That doesn’t mean it didn’t come without a hefty price tag. The reality star has admitted to getting lip injections, but her lips aren’t the only things looking fuller these days. Jenner has always had an amazing figure, but she is looking extra busty since December 2016. She has said she isn’t against getting a boob job, but it wasn’t something she wanted to do “right now”! Well, it seems like that moment has passed, because her bra size has doubled in just the past few months!

When you compare present day Jennifer Farley to her JWoww “Jersey Shore” days, you can tell she has come a long way. She looks like she has had so much work done, that she is barely recognizable. Though she has admitted to having a boob job, fans claim she has had work done to her nose, chin, cheeks, and eyebrows. Considering her face barely moves during an interview about her plastic surgery with Bethany Frankel, it’s almost sad that she won’t admit to the work.

Another star who thinks she has fooled the world by denying her plastic surgery is rap star Lil’ Kim. She is a far cry from the Lil Kim her fans loved in the 90’s. Not only is her face completely unrecognizable, but it also seems as though her skin is getting lighter and lighter. After she posted photos on Instagram showing of her fairer complexion, the Internet went wild. Many fans miss the old Lil’ Kim, and she is still adamant on denying plastic surgery and skin bleaching rumors.

Though she is beautiful, and you can’t hate on her hustle, Kim Kardashian is plastic from head to toe! Over the past 10 years the reality star has had everything from her hairline to her waste line augmented. Though she does admit to laser hair removal on her forehead, she has yet to spill the beans on the rest of her procedures. The most obvious work she has had done is to her world famous backside. She claims she doesn’t have butt implants, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had butt injections! One thing is clear, her butt is much larger than it was 10 years ago, as well as her bank account and fame!