10 Celebs Who Let Themselves Go


People in the public eye face a huge amount of pressure to stay in shape, but sometimes that pressure gets too much and celebs let themselves go. Whether they give up on the diet and eat whatever they like, or give up going to the gym, these celebs gained weight and changed shape. Some of them got considerably heavier, while others developed a paunch and lost their definition. Many worked hard to get back into shape and lose the pounds they’d gained, while some made peace with their situation and accepted they’d never be as thin as they used to be.

Actors who are known for their ripped stomachs struggle to maintain that level of definition. Keeping a six pack in check is hard work, and it doesn’t take much for that muscular physique to soften up. Action stars like Vin Diesel should always be wary of taking off their tops when they’re not in the best possible shape, as there are always cameras waiting to document how they’ve let themselves go. Leonardo DiCaprio is also an example of how a normal kind of physique looks more out of place on a famous person who was once thinner and more ripped. His Dad Bod and straggly appearance caught the world’s attention for sure. And then there are actual dads like John Travolta who get to middle age and develop that classic middle-aged spread.

There are often very relatable reasons for celebs gaining weight. Some famous women put on weight as a result of becoming a mother, and then they’re understandably too busy juggling working and parenthood to pay as much attention to their figures. You’ll find certain celebs that get bigger take a philosophical approach to life, like Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera. Their weight gain is something they’re processing and it’s all a journey through heavier and lighter periods.

Celebs that gain weight and then lose weight often have big motivators for the changes in their bodies. Rob Kardashian credits Blac Chyna, their wedding and baby as motivations for his dramatic weight loss. Similarly, Mariah Carey let herself go but then embarked on a diet inspired by fitting into a beautiful dress on her wedding day with James Packer. And Janet Jackson piled on the pounds, dropped it and then later announced her pregnancy news.

Watch our video to see the changing looks of 10 celebs who let themselves go, and let us know who you think has undergone the most dramatic transformation.