10 Celebs Who Have No Idea How To Dress


It can be hard to keep up appearances when the camera is in your face 24/7. Usually it’s ok if we see stars out and about with no makeup on, or in a tracksuit. They are human just like us, right? But what’s the deal with the stars that are always dressed in zany or bizarre fashions? For people who seem to have it all, these 10 stars who have no idea how to dress, are all missing one thing: Fashion sense.

There are so many musicians that use their concerts and wardrobe to shock people and be provocative. Take Katy Perry for example, her shows and music videos are always wild, and fun, but she is able to leave all of that at the door when she isn’t working. Some stars aren’t that savvy though. Like Lady Gaga, we all thought she was just another pop star with a gimmicky approach to her fashion. We were soon proven wrong when she started showing up to airports and interviews in bizarre ensembles. While in London for an interview in 2016, Gaga showed up to a radio station in an outfit that had us wondering if she got into a fight with a pair of scissors. Her shorts were cut so high that her bum was hanging out, and the shirt left very little to the imagination, and was left with the bottom of her bosoms exposed. Though it has seemed like Gaga was finally starting to calm down and be normal when it came to fashion, this proved that was not the case.

Another star that has been on the scene for 6 decades with her questionable fashion choices is none other than Cher. Of course she has dressed her self in horsehair, armor, and plastic while she is on stage, but that isn’t a stretch for her outfits off stage either. The 70-year-old star has been spotted around Italy shopping in some rather interesting get ups. In the summer of 2016 Cher made headlines with her monochromatic outfit that seemed like she was channeling MC Hammer circa 1991. From her black parachute pants tucked in fury boots, to her military jacket and blacked out shades, the pop diva was completely off her fashion icon mark.

Things have taken a turn for the better in Britney Spears life. She is no longer making crazy headlines on gossip sites; instead she is headlining her own show in Las Vegas. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is her complete lack of fashion when it comes to dressing herself. Whether she is walking around a gas station bare foot, or forgetting to wear her bra while on a stroll in Hollywood, she just doesn’t know how to put an outfit together. Spears is constantly looking like she just woke up and threw on whatever was on her floor. Her approach to fashion seems to be whatever is comfortable and convenient.

Someone who will shock no one by appearing on this list is Dennis Rodman. Let’s be real, the guy has been pretty strange over the past 3 decades, from making friends with the leader of North Korea, to accidently broadcasting an orgy he was having in the Hamptons. The ex NBA player has had a pretty wild ride in life, and it’s only accentuated by his ever wilder fashion sense. He has a love of makeup, women’s clothes, and crazy hair. In 2014 Rodman made headlines when he showed up to a basketball game during the “Legends of the NBA” tour in drag. The star was wearing heavy eye makeup, bright lipstick, and a bleach blond Mohawk, and played the whole game as if it were completely normal.