10 Celebs Who Have Been To Jail


Celebrities typically live rich and lavish lifestyles, but no amount of money can help them avoid jail time when they get in trouble with the law. When famous people commit crimes, they may be given a slap on the wrist, but many celebs have found out that if they do the crime, they’ll be forced to do the time.

Actress Lindsay Lohan has quite the rap sheet, and she’s no stranger to the justice system. It all started in July 2007 when she spent 84 minutes in jail on charges of possession of cocaine, driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence. In May 2010, after missing a DUI progress hearing, she was found in violation of her probation, and she spent 14 more days in jail. And then in November 2011, when she failed to perform the requirements of her community service, Lindsay was sentenced to 30 days in jail. But luckily for her, she was released after just five hours.

Before becoming a wife and a mother, Nicole Richie was partying a little too hard in Hollywood alongside fellow party girl Paris Hilton. After leaving her then-boyfriend Joel Madden’s house, Nicole proceeded to drive the wrong way on a California freeway and was arrested for DUI. When it was time for her to be booked into jail, she announced she was five-months pregnant. Thankfully, she didn’t have to stay behind bars for long. The judge ordered her to serve a four-day sentence, but she was released after just 82 minutes.

Of course Paris experienced the same fate as her buddy Nicole, and she quickly learned that her hard partying ways were no laughing matter. In January 2007, she pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving. She was sentenced to probation and had her license suspended, but that didn’t stop the Hollywood party girl from driving around town in her flashy cars. Just one month later, she was charged with a probation violation after she was caught driving on a suspended license. She was sentenced to 45 days in county jail. During her time away, Paris reportedly missed her pets, and she couldn’t wait to hit up Taco Bell upon her release. Paris and Nicole have since learned that a life of crime is nothing to be proud of. The two have since been able to clean up their acts and stay out of trouble.

Actor Shia LaBeouf has an arrest history that includes numerous stints behind bars. At the age of twenty, he rammed his neighbors car and threatened him with a kitchen knife. The court forced him to spend two days in jail. And then, in 2007, Shia was arrested at a Chicago drugstore for failing to leave the premises. He ended up spending a night in jail for that charge. In 2014, things got even worse for the actor. He was locked up in New York City for causing a disruption at the musical “Cabaret.” Shia reportedly spat at police officers and yelled out homophobic slurs before being carted off to jail.