10 Celebs Who Had Kids Younger than Kylie Jenner


When you think about it, it wasn’t all that long ago when we were all encouraged to have kids at a young age. Teens were getting married and pressured to pop out kids as soon as possible. It wasn’t uncommon for those in their late teens to become parents before they were even old enough to vote. Granted, the average lifespan in those days were much younger. But anytime we hear about a young person having kids, our modern society absolutely flips out. Celebrities aren’t immune to this criticism either. If they become parents at a young age, then they receive backlash and the ultimate press coverage. Many will assume that their careers are ruined and they will never work in Hollywood again. Granted, some celebs will willingly walk away while others will take a hiatus so they can focus on parenthood. Either way, being a young celebrity parent is definitely an interesting experience!