10 Celebs Who Had A Mental Breakdown


Famous people have it rough. Even when they’re feeling down and out, they’re forced to smile for the camera, be cordial to their fans, and pretend like their lives are perfectly fine. Sometimes, the stress of the entertainment industry becomes too much to handle, and some celebrities crack under all the pressure. Here are a few celebs who had epic mental breakdowns.

Mental health issues and an eating disorder were at the root of Demi Lovato’s breakdown. Back in 2010, she assaulted one of her backup dancers on an airplane. The incident caused Demi to do some self-reflection, and she entered an inpatient facility to deal with bipolar disorder, bulimia, her physical and emotional issues, and to seek help for her addiction to cutting. She later confessed she couldn’t go more than an hour without doing cocaine, but her three-month rehab stint sent her down the right path to a successful recovery.

In 2001, Mariah Carey’s breakup with Latin singer Luis Miguel was cited as the reason for her mental health breakdown. The singer showed up to MTV’s “TRL” and began doing a strip tease for host Carson Daly. She then told him, “Everyone needs a little therapy, and today’s that moment for me.” Not long after, she was checked into a mental health facility after she cut herself while smashing dishes all over her New York City hotel room.

In 2005, Tom Cruise appeared on an episode of “Oprah” and literally jumped on the talk show host’s couch to declare his love for actress Katie Holmes. And then, he made an appearance on the “Today” show and blasted actress Brooke Shields for using antidepressants to deal with her postpartum depression. When Tom tried to school “Today” host Matt Lauer on the history of psychiatry, we knew he had officially lost it.

After leaving “The O.C.” after just three seasons, Mischa Barton’s life went on a downward spiral. In 2009, she was involuntary admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Her rep initially blamed her meltdown on a bad reaction to having her wisdom teeth extracted, but Mischa later admitted she had a “full-on breakdown.” Her troubles have followed her throughout the years, and in January 2017, she was found on top of a fence in West Hollywood, screaming that her mom was a witch and rambling about “the world shattering.” She was admitted to the hospital again, and the actress claims her erratic behavior was due to someone slipping a drug into her drink.