10 Celebs Who Got Their Start In Kids Beauty Pageants


Many celebrities are known for their good looks. And the truth is, many were born looking like supermodels. From a very early age, these celebs were placed into beauty pageants by their parents, and we’re here to reveal their private pageant photos! Just wait until you see what your favorite celeb looked like when they were all dolled up in their pageant costume! Get ready to watch our video: 10 Celebs Who Got Their Start in Kids Beauty Pageants.

Beyoncé may have played a beauty pageant contestant in her music video for “Pretty Hurts," but many people don't realize the pageant scene was art imitating life. The singer was all over the Texas pageant circuit as a young child. Judging by all of her trophies, it’s pretty obvious that she was always the judges' favorite!

Britney Spears was also a pageant star, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she completely dominated the dance portion of every event. Even as a little child, she still had the moves! A few of Britney’s fellow Disney stars, including Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Justin Timberlake were also pageant contestants back in the day. We can't wait to show you their pageant photos!