10 Celebs Who GAVE UP On Being Famous


Being a celebrity looks easy, but for many stars, their time in front of the camera doesn’t last very long. Some actors simply choose to walk away from the industry, while others are forced to make their untimely exit. This list of celebs were once at the top of their game, but these days, fame has been put on the back burner.

You remember in the 1990s when teen romance comedies were all the rage? Actors such as Freddie Prinze Jr. and Josh Hartnett played the lead roles in many of the cheesy and corny films that we still watch today. But these two actors realized that being in front of the camera wasn’t so rewarding. Freddie has since given up on acting on the big screen, and he worked as a director and producer of the WWE. He also lends his vocals to various video games and animated movies.

Josh Hartnett has gone on the record to say that the amount of fame and recognition he received during his heyday made him feel very “uncomfortable.” Instead of continuing to put himself in awkward situations, the actor now prefers to be an activist for various causes, and he is also a very strong supporter of the Democratic party. He was Barack Obama’s number one fan, and he has admitted he will be “nervous” if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States.

When it comes to listing the best actors of all time, it’s impossible not to include Sean Connery. The actor was the star in numerous “James Bond” films. But now that he is getting up there in age, we can’t blame him from kissing fame goodbye. He had a successful career, and he has left us with some pretty memorable moments that we will remember forever.

Amanda Bynes is yet another actress who has left the entertainment industry. But unfortunately for this child star, she didn’t leave the industry on her own accord. Amanda’s mental health issues became tabloid fodder when she was arrested multiple times for DUI, was caught with marijuana, and accused her dad of sexually molesting her on Twitter. The authorities stepped in and placed the actress on a psychiatric hold. These days, her mother has legal conservatorship over her, and we doubt Amanda will be making a return to fame anytime soon.

If you’ve ever had dreams of making it big in the industry, just remember these celebrities who have turned their backs on being a big star. All that glitters isn’t gold, and for various reasons, these celebs have decided that living behind the camera lens leads to a much healthier and happier life. Can you really blame them?