10 Celebs Who Famously Hate Photoshop


Though she was honored to be on the cover of Glamour Magazine’s December 2013 issue, Lady Gaga did not like what she saw. When the singer was honored at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards, she let the magazine know exactly how she felt. She told the audience that she felt the photo was overly Photoshopped, and didn’t show her true self. She claimed photos like the one the magazine featured of her is the reason many people struggle with self-image issues. She then challenged the magazine and mainstream media to do better to help change the culture of over Photoshopping women on their convers.

It seems like Photoshopping magazines don’t discriminate against age. When Zendaya was only 19 years old, she found herself as the latest victim of over Photoshopping. Modeliste magazine featured photos of the actress, which didn’t sit too well with the teen. To shed a light on how she felt about the situation, Zendaya featured 2 different versions of the photos on Instagram. She then claimed that the magazine slimmed her waist and thighs, and that it’s photos like this that make women self-conscious. Her statement worked, because the magazine deleted the retouched images and replaced them with the originals.

In 2014 when photos of singer Lorde were released from a live performance, the singer was left a bit confused. The singer took to twitter where she placed a side by side of the photos to make a statement to her fans. Lorde reminded her twitter followers that having flaws is ok and she showed the difference between the photos. One obviously Photoshopped image featured her skin smooth and clear, while the other showed the singer with her real skin, which is known to be problematic.

Considering she has battled body images issues for years, it was a huge step for Demi Lovato to bare it all for the camera. In 2015 Lovato did just that when she went makeup-free and nude for Vanity Fair magazine. She even told the magazine not to retouch the photos, as she wanted to show her true self for the spread. This wasn’t the first time Lovato requested a magazine not touch her photos. She had previously told magazines to “put my legs back on me. Those aren’t my legs.”

Lena Dunham is a known feminist, and is never one to shy away from how she feels. So when the star noticed something was off about her Tentaciones magazine cover, she took to social media to speak her mind. Dunham posted a photo of her cover shot to Instagram, and spoke out about the amount of photoshop the magazine applied to her image. She claimed that it wasn’t how her body looked like in real life, and that her body would never look like that. She then slammed the magazine for lying to their audience by using the overly Photoshopped image.

Guys may have it easier when it comes to the pressure from society to be beautiful. But, that doesn’t mean magazines don’t get a little heavy handed with the photoshop. When Brad Pitt was featured on the cover of W magazine, he made it a point to use an unphotoshopped close up of himself. He even went the extra mile to use photographer Chuck Close, who is known for his unforgiving, flaw exposing photography techniques.