10 Celebs Who Currently Cannot Handle Fame


Many people have dreams of being famous. Who wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight, have millions of adoring fans, live in beautiful mansions and go on luxury vacations all around the world? Although being a celebrity may sound appealing, there’s a dark side to the industry that many famous people just can’t deal with. From drug abuse to untreated mental illness and frequent arrests, this list of celebrities currently cannot handle fame and the pressures that come along with it.

You would think Selena Gomez was living the life that most people can only dream of; but in August 2016, she abruptly put her career on hold to deal with depression, panic attacks and anxiety. Her mental health was deteriorating from her battle with lupus, and the singer said she needed some time away from the spotlight to deal with her issues. She finally reemerged at the American Music Awards, and she gave a tearful speech detailing how she had everything she wanted in life, but she still felt broken inside. She said she tried so hard to keep herself together, but eventually, the stress of fame took its toll.

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to the drama that comes with fame. She was able to transition from a child actress into adult roles up until the pressures of the industry became too much. She put her career on the back burner and was seen partying all over Hollywood. She wound up getting arrested, battled drug abuse and alcoholism and went into rehab various times. She eventually moved to London to escape the fast lifestyle, but the drama followed her. She continues to act out in ways that take the focus off of her career and puts her volatile relationships and messy drama in news headlines.

Justin Bieber’s career catapulted him into a star when he was barely a teen, and now, it seems like being in the industry is doing the singer more harm than good. He has gone through many public battles, including rocky relationships with fellow celebs, punching fans in the face, getting arrested for DUI and vandalizing property in Brazil. It definitely seems like Bieber is rebelling against fame.

Kanye West has been exhibiting bizarre behavior for the past few years, and things finally came to a head in November 2016 when he stopped his concert, went on a rant about Beyoncé and Jay Z and abruptly walked off the stage. The very next day, his tour was cancelled, and Kanye was reportedly admitted to a hospital after experiencing a mental breakdown. The 2007 death of his mother as well as the pressures of being famous became too much for him to handle.