10 Celebs Who Called Out Their Exes On Social Media


We can all agree on that ending a relationship sucks. You think you have found your soulmate and then something goes wrong and you’re single again. For celebrities, it’s even worse. Whenever they are in relationships, people focus on it. They are given couple names, constantly photographed together, and always talked about. So, when a seemingly picture-perfect couple decides to call it quits, the whole world notices.

If the separation is mutual, then fans forget about it relatively quickly. But when it is a little messier than that, everyone pays close attention. Take Selena Gomez for instance.

Her relationship with pop star Justin Bieber was highly publicized. Everyone thought they were such a great couple. So, when they finally decided to leave each other, it was big news. Gomez even took to Instagram to berate Bieber for getting angry at his fans after they said some not-so-nice things about his new girlfriend.

Gomez isn’t alone. There are more stars in Hollywood who told their exes what they think on social media. When Disney Channel stars come to mind, you think of sugary, sweet, smiling kids. But, after her they had decided to leave each other, Dove Cameron was more spicy than sweet. She had been dating fellow Disney Channel star Ryan McCartan for a while when the two split up out of nowhere! Once they ended their relationship, Cameron took to social media to expose how poorly he had treated her in the past!

Those are only two examples of stars who aren’t afraid to blast their exes on social media! For more examples, stay tuned to 10 Celebs Who Called Out Their Exes on Social Media!