10 Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup


We’ve grown accustomed to seeing our favorite celebrities out and about with a full face of makeup, but when these same celebs decide to venture out without getting all dolled up, we’re pleasantly surprised at what we see. Without makeup, these celebrities are just as beautiful, even though they are unrecognizable at first glance.

Famous people sometimes spend hours in the makeup chair to enhance their natural beauty. Makeup is also used to cover up some of their flaws, but for these celebs, we definitely think they look better without all of the products on their face.

Kylie Jenner is one celeb who completely shocked us with her makeup-free selfie. Kylie has been posting bare-face selfies on her social media accounts; and she definitely looks more refreshing, younger and absolutely gorgeous without all the products. Of course we love when she steps out looking all glam, and she’s a major source of beauty inspiration. But her

makeup-free looks remind us that beneath it all, she’s a naturally beautiful woman.

Actress Angelina Jolie has given us some of the most sultry and sexy red carpet looks. Her makeup artist really focuses on bringing out her stunning eyes and her trademark pout. Angelina nails her red carpet looks time after time, but you may be surprised to hear that she looks even better without makeup. The actress has been captured running errands without any makeup on, and she has even showed up to industry events sans makeup.

We absolutely love seeing Jennifer Aniston photographed without any makeup. The actress is aging beautifully, and she looks exactly the same as when she starred on the 90’s sitcom “Friends.” Seeing Jennifer go makeup-free makes us wish she would really embrace her natural beauty more often.

Beyoncé wasn’t joking when she sang, “I woke up like this.” The singer and actress is aware the paparazzi are out and about, trying to capture her in an unflattering position, but the singer proves she is absolutely beautiful without makeup. We can’t get over just how smooth and soft her skin appears.

Katy Perry is one celeb who is known for her outrageous and exaggerated makeup looks while performing. She loves to play around with makeup and experiment with new looks that leave us all in awe. But when she’s away from the stage, the singer wears a more natural look. She frequently heads out without any makeup on at all, and every time she’s spotted, we just can’t get over how incredibly beautiful she really is.

Which of these celebs without makeup were you most shocked to see?