10 Celebs Who Are Smarter Than You Think


We all have opinions about certain celebrities because of their public persona or the parts that they play. But the reality can often be far from our assumptions, like these 10 celebs who are smarter than you think.

Take Cole and Dylan Sprouse, for example. They’re known as jokers, but they’re actually pretty intelligent behind that silly façade. Not only did they graduate from college, but they’re also amongst the list of celebs with surprisingly high IQs.

Most of us don’t picture Donald Trump when we think about clever celebs, but the President of the United States is said to have a shockingly high IQ. He’s a fan of boasting about his high intelligence level, and not only himself, but his entire cabinet too. Given that he has an Ivy League education, is a billionaire, a successful businessman, and the President of the U.S., perhaps we shouldn’t be quite so surprised that there’s a brain in there.

It’s particularly surprising when actors who play ditsy or unintelligent characters turn out to be very clever in real life. Nolan Gould, Lisa Kudrow, and Ashton Kutcher have all played these kinds of roles, but their IQ scores prove they’re a million miles away from their on-screen counterparts.

We might make certain judgment calls about models like Cindy Crawford, action stars like Dolph Lundgren, singers like Ke$ha, and actors like Sharon Stone and Geena Davis. But they are some of the smartest celebrities out there.