10 Celebs Who Are Addicted To Video Games


Everyone deserves some time to unwind and relax. Even our favorite celebrities need a break to sit back, chill and catch up on their favorite hobbies. When famous people aren’t busy

entertaining us or performing on stage, they have admitted to being avid gamers, and we were surprised by just how obsessed they are with their favorite video games.

The video game industry has evolved over the past few decades. The grainy images on the Atari have now been replaced with first-person shooter games that look as vivd and clear as real-life. One of the most popular shooter games, “Call of Duty,” is a favorite among many celebrities. Supermodel Cara Delevingne has been playing the game for years, and she has even showed up to a few of their industry events just to get her gaming on. The makers of the game noticed just how obsessed she was, and they invited her to appear in the trailer for their new game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops III.” In the trailer, Cara is a gun-wielding tough girl who means business!

Snoop Dogg is also a “Call of Duty” fan, and he has even lent his voice to the game “Call of Du-ty: Ghosts.” Other video games that the rapper has lent his voice and likeness to are: “True Crime: Streets of LA,” and the 3D action game, “Def Jam: Fight for NY.”

You would think Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps would be too busy perfecting his craft to be an avid gamer, but that’s certainly not the case. Michael has admitted that he is completely obsessed with “Call of Duty,” and he has spent up to 30 hours a week playing the game. In May 2016, while training for the Olympics in Colorado, the swimmer confessed he had logged

between 450 and 500 games in just a span of two weeks!

It’s always surprising when some of the most beautiful celebrities admit to being gamers, like Olivia Munn. The television personality received her big break when she was hired to co-host a show on the G4 channel - a network dedicated to all things gaming-related. She later admitted she has been playing video games all of her life, and her obsession began with a sumo-wrestling game she would play for hours on her family’s computer.

Jessica Alba is yet another hot celebrity who is a gaming fanatic. The actress grew up playing classic games, such as “Super Mario Bros.” and “Pac-Man.” But as the world of gaming evolved, so did her taste. She eventually switched over to a Nintendo Wii to take advantage of all the sports games, like bowling, tennis and baseball.

When it comes to video games, everyone wants to get in on the action. Even celebrities who have dedicated their lives to their careers in the entertainment industry are able to find the time to fuel their video game addictions.

Which one of these celebrities were you surprised to find out is obsessed with gaming?