10 Celebs Who Are Actually Very Insecure


Everyone has insecurities. Maybe you don’t like the way your nose looks or you feel like your feet are too big. Maybe people picked on you when you were younger for having crooked bangs, so now you are always checking your bangs to make sure they are perfectly straight. You name a trait and we can bet that someone is insecure about it.

No one is immune to having insecurities, including that beautiful girl in your class or your crush in 5th period. Even celebrities feel less confident sometimes.

In fact, celebrities might be some of the most insecure people around. They are constantly being scrutinized for every move that they make. That has to be hard. Just take a look at the comments’ section of any celebrities' Instagram. People always leave mean comments and feel like they can scrutinize them for anything.

Take Cameron Dallas for instance. On his YouTube channel, he seems extremely confident and witty. In reality, he tweeted something that suggests that his confidence is not all that we think it is.

Demi Lovato has a powerhouse voice. She can bring any room to tears just by singing. But she has also admitted that she often feels out of place and insecure. No one is safe from feeling a little self-conscious.

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